May Days.

For the past couple of weeks, a convoy of moving trucks can be seen around post – it’s impossible not to start thinking about Rubber Duck, Pig Pen, and other entities from the infamous C.W. McCall song. The ripping of the band-aid has begun in regards to goodbyes and in less days than I can count on my fingers and toes, we will bid Fort Leavenworth adieu for the warmer temperatures and abundant tacos of San Antonio .

I’m currently prepping the house for the packers due to arrive later this week. We will then spend the Memorial Day holiday driving down to Texas and back so we can pick up keys to our new home. Yes – after over a month of mind-scrambling house hunting, we found a house off-post in our desired area of the 7th largest city in the United States (which is a bit misleading because San Antonio city-limits are terrifyingly huge).


We’ve spent May thus far making the most of our limited time on Fort Leavenworth. We attended a neighborhood Derby Party where donned ugly hats, drank Kentucky’s finest, and lost money. And I totally discovered my talent for shaping meatloaf into equine-related objects.


I ate the most delicious pork nachos from a food truck in West Bottoms during First Friday.


These two showered me with love on Mother’s Day in the simplest and best way possible.


We ate pizza at Minsky’s.


We’ve failed at taking timed-photos while hiking along the Missouri.


But managed to get a decent one.


The little guy looked dapper at his Kindergarten Celebration Ceremony and baby girl was the cutest Clemson Tiger you ever did see.


Clay and I finally scored a table at Q39 and ate the best BBQ we’ve had in Kansas City.


We spent time at the ball field with friends in the rain.


We chilled with the gorillas at the Kansas City Zoo.


And most importantly, we’re spending the next precious few weeks with our wonderful neighbors. Kicking back, drinking beers, cooking-out, and enjoying each other’s company. We’re leaving CGSC and Infantry Barracks. And even though we’re all spreading around the globe and will be off soon, it won’t make leaving any easier. This is why the military is an amazing, gut-wrenching, beautiful, terrifying adventure.


2 thoughts on “May Days.

  1. Good luck on the next chapter. I am so glad to hear you have enjoyed your time in Kansas. That place will always hold a special place in my heart as my home.

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