It’s True – Everything is Bigger in Texas

There is a three foot pile of broken-down boxes in our living room. They’re about as welcome as the dead scorpion the children found in their playroom the day after moving in (unfortunately, Orkin only addressed the former problem). But we have all major appliances, mattresses, and all of the other first-world comforts that we often go without during PCS-season so life is good.

view from our back deck

Yup – we’re officially in San Antonio. Although the few people reading already know this because you likely follow along on Instagram. So you also know that our family bid farewell to Fort Leavenworth, that Clay and I went to Scotland last month, and that we spent time at my parents in northern Georgia before finding ourselves traveling along I-10 into the Lone Star state.


The goodbye at Fort Leavenworth was our most difficult yet – despite not loving that particular part of the country, we made lifelong friends and made the most of ‘the best year of your Army life’ – all while living in the immediate vicinity of five prisons.


Moving out of a second floor apartment loft meant we got to see our belongings displayed in the front yard before haphazardly loaded thrown onto a moving truck. Spoiler alert – the customer-made Clemson cornhole set survived. Our printer, desk, chair, bed, and multiple pieces of bakeware did not. But we personally made it to Texas in one piece so complaining about replaceable items seems superfluous.


Part of the neighborhood crew. Our children were so lucky during their time in Kansas.


Because of our PCS experience out of the Washington DC area, we made sure that the back doors to the truck were, indeed, locked.


Our village for the past year.


Our original plan (as naive 20-year-olds) didn’t involve Clay still being in the military 14 years later. We didn’t see ourselves raising a family in this lifestyle – life has a funny way of playing out. For us, the experience-rich adventures outweigh the drawbacks but we realize that as our children grow, they may have a different outlook. Watching our son say goodbye to his friends was gut-punching. Witnessing his heart break into a million pieces while hugging his friends for the last time devastated me, especially since I was so sad myself after saying goodbye to their parents. There are a lot of aspects of the military that are unpleasant. This is just one of many. But like us, our children are resilient. Weston and Violet are excited for what Texas will bring. And so are we.


2 thoughts on “It’s True – Everything is Bigger in Texas

  1. So glad you all arrived safely. I can’t imagine how hard it is going to be to watch my own say goodbye someday. Military life is rough sometimes.

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