Two Thousand and Seventeen

We’re now twelve days into 2017, which doesn’t even seem possible. But then again, most people would scoff at the idea of Clemson winning the CFP Championship but yet here we are…GO TIGERS!!!


Like most Clemson alumni, Clay and I bleed orange. And while love for our alma mater is certainly much deeper than just it’s football program, we’ve never missed an opportunity to cheer for the Tigers – win or lose. We didn’t get much sleep after whooping it up in our living room after Hunter Renfrow caught the game winning pass in the end zone, leaving only one second left on the clock. Jim Harbaugh may have fallen asleep before the fourth quarter but we wore our best orange and purple and relished in the opportunity to watch one of the best endings to a college football game. Okay – that’s enough about football. #ALLIN


The date 2017 feels too futuristic…weren’t we suppose to have at least real hover boards by now? 2017 marks the halfway point between centuries for me – 17 years in the 20th and 17 years in the 21st. From this point on, the majority of my life will be firmly planted in the 21st century. In a few short months, I will turn 34. As time marches on this year, the angry 11 forming between my eyes will only grow deeper (I think it’s time for Botox), my husband’s hair will become peppered with even more gray, and our children will transform from tiny mystical creatures into tiny humans racing toward adolescence. And our rapidly aging dog will likely pass in the next year or two, which depresses anyone who has had the honor of knowing sweet Lucy.

It’s also a tumultuous time for our young country. Even though this is not the outcome I wanted, I’m not giving up. I will work hard to better my community, my family, and myself. When interviewed on the field immediately after Clemson’s win, Dabo Swinney (sorry – apparently I’m going to talk about football just a little bit more) said, “I told them to let the light they have inside of them be brighter than the light shining on them. If they focused on that, they’d be okay.” So if I had to choose a mantra for 2017, it’d be to focus on my light shine brighter than any light shining on me. I like that message.



2 thoughts on “Two Thousand and Seventeen

  1. Woo hoo! Go Tigers! I so wish I was able to get to Clemson this weekend for the celebration. And Dabo was on a role with just amazing quote after amazing quote that night. Great advice for the year.

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