Little Hangers

We rolled back into town Sunday evening after our epic 10-day tour of the west that has elicited the response, “You guys are crazy!” more times than not when sharing our road trip plans. I look forward to recapping everything – if anything, for myself for that time in the future when I struggle to remember the sights, sounds, smells, and tastes of our adventures. Meanwhile, yesterday was spent remembering how to work and attend school (I accepted a substitute position for the day) and putting away everything that allowed us to live like vagabonds over spring break. And it was while hanging up the little guy clothes on the little hangers that hang in his little closet when I realized that he probably won’t be needing the little hangers for much longer.

I mean he already has adult teeth, for goodness sake!

And this one isn’t too far behind.

I’ve never been one to wax poetic about our children getting older because let’s face it – it’s what they do. And each phase of development is pretty darn exciting (well, at least for now…I hear the teenage years aren’t exactly the peachiest) so it’s hard to be sad when you’re witnessing them take steps toward independence. But for some reason, seeing my son’s shirts swallow the little hangers yesterday gave me pause and reminded me just how brief our time is with these little ones at home…despite some of the days feeling so.ridiculously.long.

While we have never shied away from traveling with little ones, we freely admit that as they’ve grown it just feels easier to pick up and go somewhere new. Not that such endeavors aren’t without headaches but they’re always worth it. The benefits of travel with children include spending time with family, hands-on learning, appreciation of different cultures, and a new perspective of history. Our budget doesn’t allow for us to travel around the world with our children yet (fingers-crossed it happens someday) but with some creativity, energy, and drive (literally!), we’ve been able to show our children a lot of the country thus far. But seeing how none of us has been to Hawaii yet, I think an educational trip to Maui in the near future is in order. Or we can cross our legs, toes, and arms that the Army sends our family to the Aloha state.

As evident by the size of their hangers, our children won’t be in our physical day-to-day lives forever. Soon they will have their own houses, with their own closets, and their own big hangers. And they will have their own adventures and continue to see the world without their dorky parents by their side. So in the meantime, we’re going to experience as much as we can with them. Because at the end of the day, this is what it is all about – spending time with those we love, doing what we love, and trying to make sense of this crazy, wonderful, complicated, and beautiful life.


4 thoughts on “Little Hangers

  1. How wonderful that you take your children travelling with you! My husband and I travel a lot and people often say to us “that will all have to stop when the kids come along” and I keep thinking that it seems silly to stop if we don’t have to. Of course, I’m sure it brings with it, it’s own challenges, but if other people do it, surely we can too??

  2. Aww this is beautiful ❤ I don't have children but wax poetic and notice the little things (like little hangers!), too. I love that you travel together as a family. You are creating incredible memories and introducing your kids to so many things they'll never learn in a classroom.


  3. Aww, I think this is very waxy poetry on the subject of children and growth! 🙂 Haha! Too cool that you guys hit the road for 10 days and your children have been to so many states! My parents made sure my little brother and I traveled a lot, too. Now I’m trying to get the travel bug to bite my homebody husband. I keep chipping away at him a little at a time 😀

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