A Brief Monday Post

Is there nothing more irritating than the lashing Monday endures week after week? Throughout social media today, there will be status updates, memes, and gifs posted detailing such hatred for the first day of the traditional work week. It’s Monday – we get it <insert rolling eyes emoji>.

Not that I am ragging on Office Space or anything. I still reference the Jump to Conclusions mat and Pieces of Flare on a regular basis, despite the movie being almost 20 years old. On a somewhat related note – I worked at Applebee’s for a semester during college and I was crushed when I discovered that waitresses weren’t encouraged to wear flare.

But enough about Mondays. Let’s talk about September. Whimsical September. Over the weekend, Erica at Whimsical September featured me as part of her Saturday Sit-Down series. I’ve enjoyed reading about other bloggers featured over the past few months, so I was happy to participate myself. Go check it out, if you feel so inclined.

The highlight of our weekend was my better half turning 35. We celebrated sans kids on Friday night with cocktails and dinner at Boiler House Texas Grill & Wine Garden. Oysters, shrimp, beef tenderloin, and lobster mac & cheese – no major food group was ignored. So good!

We celebrated with the kids on Saturday night with dinner and a movie and with cake and ice cream at home. Weston put the candles on the cake himself and didn’t really understand why Clay and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Happy Monday!



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