Georgia – The Peach State

We’ve been in Georgia for the past week. Our plan all along was for the kids and I to spend as much of the summer away from Texas as possible visiting family and friends on the east coast with Clay flying back and forth in-between TDYs and such. A curveball was thrown our way (more on that later) so our plans were altered slightly but we still managed to get to the lake for the July 4th weekend.

Throughout my adolescence, I would watch reruns of Designing Women on Lifetime. The exploits of Julia Sugarbaker and Co. were my only tie to Georgia until my parents moved from mushroom capital of the world to the land of peaches during my senior year of college. While we always enjoy visiting my parents, this area is not home – it is simply where my parents live. In fact, I often feel like a stranger in a strange land while in the South, despite having spent four wonderful years at Clemson University.

Not that I am complaining – we always enjoy being on the lake when visiting my parents. We took a sunset cruise on the 4th and were able to watch fireworks on the water.

We took the kids kayaking and determined that they’re now officially old enough for us to break our personal kayaks out of storage and start taking kayaking trips as a family. Shortly after, we had to take Clay to the airport and finish the rest of our time in Georgia without our favorite guy.

We’ve spent time fishing off the dock.

We’ve shimmied across logs in the woods.
We’ve seen a Jimmy Buffet cover band perform in the local town square.

We’ve had early morning rides on the jet skis and paddle boat.

And we’ve spent countless hours in the pool.

So while I still may feel like a stranger in a strange land when visiting this part of the country, I’m thankful that my parents have a place where our kids can spend their days in swimsuits, be around extended family, and enjoy the outdoors. Because it’s summer.


2 thoughts on “Georgia – The Peach State

  1. Looks like a wonderful time away from the dreadful TX. temps. And even though it may not feel like home to you, I’m sure your kids are making memories there that will stick with them for a long time and maybe give them a fondness and cozy feeling.😀

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