Well – That Escalated Quickly

For the past couple of months, we had been waiting to hear if the Army would be moving us again this summer. We’ve kept this information to ourselves for the most part because there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the potential move. Well – the wait is over. It’s official. Orders are in hand as of today – the Army is sending us back to the Washington D.C. area this summer. As in less than a month.

We were expecting to be in San Antonio for longer than one year so it is a little bit of a shock to be leaving so soon but we’re excited to be going back to the nation’s capital. Of all the places we’ve lived, it has felt the most like home, which is a rare feeling for many military families. We likely won’t be there this time around for longer than a year or two so we will be sure to soak up everything that we weren’t able to do during our previous stint there and revisit favorite spots.
Nats Park, 2013

Great Falls Park, 2014

Washington Monument, 2015

It’s been no secret that Texas isn’t my favorite place. I don’t hate it – the state has many lovely things to offer but our time here has only further proved that this Michigan-born, Arizona-raised, Pennsylvania-bred girl is not meant to live in the Lone Star state for the rest of her life. And that is okay.

So we’re moving. Again.

And we have less than 30 days to make it happen.

Let’s do this!


5 thoughts on “Well – That Escalated Quickly

  1. Wow! I always wonder what’s more stressful, a quick move or a long drawn out one. We usually get like a year’s notice and I feel like I mentally check out of wherever we are and just want to get the show on the road. Good luck! The D.C. area is home to me and I hope you’re able to pack in a lot while you’re there!

  2. Oh wow! That was definitely quick. I hear you about Texas, while we loved living there we knew it wasn’t a place that we would actively seek to go back to.

  3. looking forward to seeing y’all again soon! Best of luck with the move and keep us posted when you arrive in the area.

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