Back to the Regular Scheduled Program

About three weeks ago, we officially became residents of Northern Virginia again. When we found out Clay was being assigned to the Washington DC area, we briefly flirted with the idea of living in the district or directly across the Potomac in one of the fantastic urban areas that we totally would have called home before introducing children to our team. However, we ended up choosing an older house in the village we lived in during our previous assignment. And we couldn’t be happier. We’re still super close to everything, the kids are enrolled in fantastic schools, and the sense of community is amazing.
Because this is our 12th address in our almost 13 years of marriage, we handle this PCS #likeaboss. Not that this move wasn’t without its hiccups – and the last minute nature of everything literally prevented us from planning much beyond 24 hours in advance, but in the end, everything worked out. But my goodness, we are certainly looking forward to not having to move next summer!

We unpacked the last box 10 days ago so our house is beginning to resemble a home. This home is over 60 years old (the floor boards creek – swoons) and our neighborhood has that quintessential east coast vibe. The elementary school is within walking distance, huge trees line the street, neighbors congregate in the front lawns, and people are greeted with a wave and a warm hello. It feels great to be back in Virginia. It feels like home.


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