Military Life

There are countless stories about war and separation. These just happen to be ours…



Everyday Military Life


9 thoughts on “Military Life

  1. Hi Karen!
    A friend of mine shared your 9/30/13 post on her FB page. When I clicked over to your blog, I immediately saw your Clemson shirt in your Instagram feed.
    My hubby and I are Clemson grads as well (1998 and 2000).
    Like your husband, he was also in Army ROTC.
    We are currently stationed in AK.
    Just wanted to say “hi”!
    Go Tigers!

  2. Love this! We are coming to Fort Belvoir this weekend for a retirement ceremony! I hear it is a beautiful post — can’t wait to see it.

  3. I feel like it becomes such a small world in the military…my husband first served at Ft. Drum after he commissioned; deploying from there, and then right before getting to Okinawa we spent about 18 months in the Raleigh area too! (and of course we met & fell in love in DC – so N. VA has a special place in our hearts! ) I hope you are enjoying your current ‘home-town’!

      1. I completely understand the itch 🙂 we found out we were heading to Okinawa FAR before we were able to move, and the last few months at home we just couldn’t wait for the next adventure to begin!

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